Jungle Brothers

Jungle Brothers is a web application designed to digitize the gym and fitness industry. It is specially structured to digitally maintain all the paperwork of the gym, making it much hassle-free. The application allows admins easy management of their entire fitness studio. Along with a calendar integrated within, making it breezy to always stay on schedule.

Jungle Brothers provides an extensive variety of features from members and their memberships, classes, programs, workouts, payment subscriptions, automated emails, invoices, contracts, analytical reports and much more that is required to manage a gym/fitness studio.

Our client, who is based in Australia, wanted to have more versatility with a user-friendly interface and thus, they approached AveoSoftware. Moreover, our Client requested to build such a product which would not be limited to merely their own gym, but a platform that could be further used by other gym studios, and fitness trainers.

Our process of Software Craftsmanship

We adopted the Agile methodology for building this project. Following the circular pattern of the Agile Methodology, our team started with the initial Planning and Designing that underwent the Developing and Testing process before Releasing. A long-term project is synonymous with regular updates and reports, thus, at every step, our Client’s feedback had been taken into consideration before moving on to the next step.

  • Requirement Gathering- Our Business Analyst discussed the Client’s requirements with elaborate details in order to build the project that would hardly leave space for errors.
  • Planning- Our Project Manager planned the structure of the entire project that was broken into different modules and epics. The project was planned as such beforehand to ensure timely and bug-free delivery of the product.
  • Designing & Development– We had used the Jira platform to create user stories according to the modules and epics for the developer. Our Project Manager had created a fortnightly sprint plan for keeping track of the development and testing for the whole project. We had been asking for Client approval and feedback regularly. Moreover, the team was having a daily stand-up call for regular scrutiny of the progress.
  • Testing- As soon as a module was developed, it was assessed by our QA testers for any bugs to be fixed before giving its updating to the Client. This phase of testing is eminent in the entire process to make sure a bug-free and high-performing product.
  • Release – The above steps were repetitively followed until the end. After the final testing, the project was released for the users.
  • Feedback – When there were any changes or upgrades asked by the Client, our team worked upon them and delivered an efficient product for the users.

Jungle Brothers

What We Did

Gym workout and classes management system, Membership management, Online membership payment management

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