Los Cabos Map

Mexico base upscale travel and concierge company got an idea to build a technology that can provide travelers next level of experience with an extra level of security and can help them explore the area just like locals. Their idea was to build a superior travel solution for one location ( Los Cabos ) and then expand into different cities.

The leading travel company wanted to create a technology that can also give travelers a sense of security in Mexico’s unsafe area. Additionally, they wanted to have total control over their data and wanted to build their own database for all the locations.

The Challenge:

The challenge was to build safety features that can effectively work when needed. A real-time cross-platform chat and locate friend feature was also required since most of the travelers were traveling in a group and would like to chat and locate each other when needed.

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Los Cabos Map

What We Did
  1. Developed and launched an iPhone and Android app with Chats, SOS, Find friends (location tracking), Business promotions, User tracking
  2. Developed a web app to register and verify new businesses
  3. Developed an admin app to maintain all the data

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