How most successful high-end restaurant in one of the busiest tourist place uses technology to operate:

n one cold winter night founder of Petit Masala, the most favorite Indian kitchen in Cabo San Lucas was going through their accounts and was not happy with their account sheet. Even if Cabo San Lucas ( sometimes referred to as Los Cabos) is the most sought-after tourist place and Petit Masala is one of the top-rated restaurants in the area, they were losing the money. The founder met our team with their problem.
After discussing the problem with the team, we analyzed their existing data and talked to their existing customers. Our team found 2 main reasons behind losing the money:
1) They were operating in a traditional way and their restaurant was open to all seasons. After analyzing the data further, we found that they were not making money in the offseason and their net gain in the current season was offset by their loss in the offseason.
2) There were more empty tables during on season as well because of lots of end-time cancellation.

We conducted a deep dive assessment of the problem and came up with a revolutionary technology that changes the way they do businesses:
1) The team developed software that predicts the number of customers coming to their restaurants a day before (based on past data and other information including weather). Their employee schedule system was also integrated into the online system. This gave them the freedom to minimize their labor cost and they were able to minimize their cost by predicting demand.
2) The team ends up developing a real-time calendar booking system for the store as well which allows the restaurant to work in a hybrid model ( restaurants + catering + events). Based on the data and demand prediction, they will open their calendar for a certain time to get booked for catering and events. They will open up a calendar in advance and anybody can book it in well in advance. This allows them to maximize their profit even during the offseason.



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