In the summer of 2018, US base leading midstream energy logistic company wanted to transform their transportation dispatch system and wanted to develop the capability to visually display on maps all available orders in relation to the company’s dispatched trucks. Specifically, they desired to develop the capability to identify and dispatch orders in near real-time during the time period required for a truck to unload its cargo. They were also looking for a simple way to manage their orders and fleets through one application system. They had their order data and fleet data in a separate system and need a way to show all the data on one platform.

The Challenge:

The challenging part of this job was that the company was using 2 different systems for order management and fleet management. They somehow wanted to show all the data in a single visual system and integrate it into one system.



What We Did

Fleet mapping, Orders mapping, Cluster for better visualization of order and truck data, User management

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