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The people of the millennial and Z generation love apps. And if you are a gym instructor or a fitness trainer, your clients are no different. The technological advancements in today’s fitness applications are simply phenomenal. A first-rate fitness application provides a well-balanced set of perks to both the user and the owner. It provides 360-degree effective management for its attributes, like diet plans, workouts, customized plans, exercise routine, daily updates, exercise monitoring, and more. Such applications make the job of fitness trainers much easy and are also successful in making a hit amongst its target audience.

But what has made these applications a go-getter for many is worth studying. So let’s binge on this comprehensive guide on how to create a fitness application from scratch.

Steps to build a fitness application for fitness instructors or gym trainers

1. Market analysis and identification of the target audience

The first and the foremost step involves the complete analysis of who your target audience is and what do they want from you. Study the product of your competitors and analyze what they provide to their clients and how do they provide it. Check for some of the best fitness applications on the Play Store and Apple Store. Conduct research on their features, functionalities, prices, and customer reviews. By conducting this research, you can identify the loopholes in the market offerings and target your audience accordingly. Share your application idea with a few trustworthy people to get their genuine feedback. Work on the feedback. And re-present your product to the same people for their review.

2. Identify the unique aspects of your fitness application

Once you are done through your market research and target group identification, it’s time to identify the core USPs of your product. For finalizing the USPs of your fitness application, know the strength and weaknesses of your competitor’s application. A detailed study of the reviews on competitor’s apps will give you an idea about the expectations of your customers. Thereafter, work on the smart and unique features of your application. Create a niche fitness application by filtering and concentrating the product offering on a narrower segment of people. This narrowing down of the target group can be done based on:

  • channels
  • key activities
  • key partners
  • cost structure
  • customer relations
  • customer segments
  • value proposition
  • revenue streams

3. Budget and cost

You need to have a budget plan for your app. Your budget should be on a slightly higher side of the actual expense. The cost of the application mainly depends on the choice of the platform. The type of platform determines the number of hours being invested by the developer in curating the fitness application. Apart from this, the number and the complexity of the features are other key determinants of the fitness app cost.

4. Design and development

For a competitive design and development of a fitness application, you need to hire a fitness app development company. They will make your application of high quality with their ace expertise. For this, the fitness app development company makes a team of app designers and development wizards. The team makes an effective application that is genuinely acceptable at less cost and also outlines the way the software development project is supposed to work. At AveoSoft they help you create the best mobile application and avoid many shortcomings.

5. Planning and rolling out of effective marketing campaign

A well-designed and developed fitness application is the most wanted product of the digital fitness market. But you are not the only new entrant. There are many more waiting to make a showstopper entry. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your market efforts and launch your app accordingly. You may make use of some of the below-mentioned tips and tricks for better results:

  • Take help from social media announcements
  • Make use of paid applications like Google, YouTube to market your app
  • Promote through blogs, specialized resources, or news aggregators.
  • Take help from industry influencers.
  • The app landing page should talk about the benefits and statistical reports. 
  • Content marketing is a big-time resource. Use it.

Essentials of the fitness application on Android or iOS platform

Irrespective of the type of platform being used by you, make sure that your final product has the following requisites. Apart from these essentials, there should be other customized features too, if your market, target audience demands them and you can afford them.

1) User Profile

Your app should have a user profile section, where a dashboard displays all the personal details and workout plans or recommendations for that individual.

2) Physical Conditions Tracking

Your app should have a feature where it tracks your daily steps, calories burned, pulse rate, BP, and more. When all this can be tracked with no external device integration, it is a perk for your product.

3) Diet Features

Workout and a healthy diet in combination do wonder. So have a specially dedicated section for healthy diet plans and customized diet plans for categories of individuals. Such a level of personalization is an attractive attribute. 

5) Music integration

Fitness or workout applications are all about creating a virtual gym for users. And no gym is fun without music. Therefore, your fitness app should have a workout music playlist for your user’s entertainment.

6) Integration with wearable fitness devices

Considering the surge in the number of wearable fitness devices, it is recommended to have a fitness application that can easily be integrated with such devices. This attribute increases the reach and popularity of the application. 

7) Professionally curated workout plans

People are more inclined towards fitness apps, which have professional coaches who provide personalized workout plans and health plans. Create a profile of these professional coaches and mention their credentials. 

8) Push notifications

Push notification is beneficial in reminding the target group about your presence. If your old user is not frequent now, you may send him notifications like asking him to measure the pulse or review the workout regime, etc.

9) Social media presence

Social media is an essential add-on feature for survival in today’s market. Your popularity in social media determines how well you will rule the market soon. Also, your app should have social media integration so that the users can share their rewards and achievements with friends.

Wrapping up

If you are a gym instructor or a fitness trainer, you are aware of all the tactics of fitness. You understand the need of your clients the best. So why not, use this knowledge of yours to create a full-fledged fitness application. You may hire a fitness app development company like AveoSoft to get the best results. 

With so many varieties of fitness applications available in the market, you have the opportunity to create your niche. Don’t worry about your current business relations or who will promote your app. Study what your competitors and co-industry players do, but provide what your customers want you to. 

Start small and aim big. AveoSoft is here to support your decisions.

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