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With so many fitness applications booming and trending, the level of competition amongst the industry players is too high. There is a fine line of difference that excels the best from the average players. This fine line of difference is defined by how better the fitness app comprehends the needs of its target group and what are its key offerings. Therefore, being a visionary entrepreneur of the fitness industry, you need to hire a fitness app development company and discuss the cost of accessorizing your fitness application with the ultimate features. 

Now, it’s time to explore the ultimate fitness app development solutions for renovating your existing application or curating a new one.

Ultimate fitness app development features for making it more accommodating and user-friendly


Fitness applications are treated as personalized record holders of the individual’s health and fitness report. For this reason, your application should be able to provide a record of all the personal details of an individual, like age, height, weight, gender, and more. Also, such personal details are good inputs for calculating and analyzing the level of fitness requirement at an individual level.

2.Diet plans

Customized diet plans are amongst the most common and in-demand features of all fitness applications. Depending on the daily routine, and personal statistics of the individual, your app should be able to suggest the most appropriate diet plan to the person. While computing the diet plan, there is provision for expressing the food preference, allergies, food intolerance, etc. As a result, the user gets access to the diet chart that can be enjoyed by him.

3.Track of nutrition

Workout and good nutrition are the two major determinants of the fitness regime. For this reason, there are exclusive nutrition apps in the market. So, if your fitness application is the one that serves the dual purpose of workout and nutrition, it will top the list of ultimate fitness applications of the year. The nutrition tracker monitors the weight, calories burned, water intake, and eating habits of the individual. Apart from this, it also motivates the user to perform the best. The unique nutrition features also provide the grocery shopping list along with healthy recipes, based on the customized diet plans.

4.Geolocation integration

The geolocation feature of the application is useful for tracking and recording the workout routes. It allows the user to record the progress report of his fitness over a larger period. When integrated with Google, Apple, or TomTom map, the user can record and share his real-time location too.

5.Push notifications and reminders

Those fitness application users who are serious about their regime don’t want to miss any important notification or session. For this purpose, they prefer to install an application that reminds them about various attributes of a personalized fitness plan, regularly, through reminders and push notifications. But being an entrepreneur, you need to ensure that your push notifications do not become interference in the life of your audience.


Gamification in fitness applications is all about making your fitness regime a fun-filled activity. There are targets set for individual users, and each target, when achieved, draws some points. These points are redeemable either within the in-app store or outside the application in the real world. Having a target pushes the user to push himself further and get the deserved achievable. But alas, if the targets are not achieved, it might lead to minus points, too.

7.Social media integration

Every user wants to brag about his fitness achievement. It feels good to share and get appraised for all the sweat and hard work that shapes your body. For this reason, social media integration has become a mandate for almost every fitness application. Fitness freaks love to share their daily fitness progress or even chat with fellow fitness lovers for the exchange of information and achievements.

8.Synchronization with multiple devices

Like Fitbit, you can synchronize your fitness solution with other mobile devices. This feature makes your app an ultimate choice for those who wish to synchronize all their mobile devices. Quick and easy synchronization is soon becoming a mandate for all fitness applications.

9.Goal setting

The goal-setting attribute of the fitness application should be easy and personalized. The goal results should be easily measurable and the process of goal attainment should be simple. Apart from workouts, goal setting can relate to nutrition and sports activities, too. The user selects the daily tasks plan, input goal value, and the date of calculating the achievable. Good fitness applications provide a complete statistical report of this feature.

10.Progress report analysis

Every effort needs to be measured and represented as an easy to comprehend report for further motivation. An ultimate fitness application solution keeps a complete record of kilometers covered, weight reduced, number of active hours, and so on. All these reports are a significant source of motivation for the individual who invests his efforts and energy to attain the best of health.

11.Heart monitor

An ultimate fitness application with an inbuilt heart monitor saves the time and money of the individual, which otherwise would get wasted in buying a separate heart monitoring device. The deep heart monitoring attribute monitors and diagnoses the results with personalized statistics.

12.Sleep monitor

Sleep is a must for a healthy mind and body. Considering the hectic lifestyle of today, individuals are facing sleep issues, which adversely affect their health in the long run. When the fitness application is installed on your mobile device, it monitors the sleep too and lets the person know if he had sound sleep or not. There are exclusive sleep monitoring bands in the market, which can again be synced with the application, for ease of use.

13.Gradient tracking

If you are a person who runs or cycles in elevated regions, your fitness application needs to have a gradient tracking feature. This feature is helpful for those who prefer the use of stairs instead of lifts or escalators. It will let the individual know the number of steps covered or altitude reached, along with the efforts invested or calories burned in reaching a particular level.

14.Calorie and food monitor

The calorie monitor feature of the applications keeps a count of the number of calories an individual is supposed to have in a day, have consumed in a day, and finally burned in a day. The app requires the individual to log in the details of the type and quantity of food consumed, for providing a detailed calorie and food analysis report.

15.Water intake tracker

Water is an essential, yet the most neglected element of the diet plans and the fitness apps too. Therefore, if your application can imbibe the attribute which measures and keeps track of the water intake of the individual, your app will surely outshine the others in the market. The app reminds the user to take water at particular intervals, thus helping the individual to attain the set fitness goals.

16.Virtual assistant

Workout, nutrition, and related attributes of fitness can often become complicated for a first-time app user. Having a virtual assistant can help in solving queries on a real-time basis. Virtual assistants are also good at providing online consultation to app users. This attribute is helpful both for the entrepreneur and the app user. The app owner can make use of conversations for improving and upgrading the app by identifying the loopholes if any.

17.Live Streaming or video-on-demand

If you want a fitness application that outshines your competitors, then have the option of video-on-demand and live-streaming. Having live fitness coaches to train the individuals and make them exercise promotes an enthusiastic workout environment. Apart from this, there can be pre-recorded videos on how to do a particular exercise or get informed on a specific fitness topic like diet plans.

18.Steps monitor

Steps tracking is a very basic yet essential attribute of any fitness app. This feature is a great deal for newcomers to the fitness world. It helps to monitor the number of steps covered in the entire day along with the number of calories burned, while performing various activities, like cycling, running, and walking.

Final thought

The above list of 18 features is inclusive of all the basic and otherwise exclusive features of various types of fitness applications. So if you are planning to get a workout app, activity tracking app, or nutrition app, you need to have a major number of the above features in it. After all, your fitness app development solutions should be able to attract and retain more people. Apps which can easily be integrated with wearable fitness devices are valuable for the users in the long term. You can always try our services whenever you decide to hire a fitness app development company for your virtual success. We are just a click away.

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